The 7 Deadly Sins of Digital Marketing pt. 4

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mr. Rogers, especially when I was 5.
Everything looked cohesive, but it also looked BORING.
The Ultimate Bundles Handmade with Love Super Bundle
You must take a stand for your marketing to be effective.
  • There’s the Herbs & Essentials Super Bundle for people who want to be healthy
  • They have the Work-at-Home Parent Super Bundle for parents who want to be there for their kids growing up
  • Their recipe bundles are targeted towards vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free folks. [They’ve even started to offer micro-bundles for those who have a specific preference and interest in 1 part of a bundle.]



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Melissa Slawsky

Melissa Slawsky

Branding & Business Performance Strategist, helping high-performers create more impact, hit their business goals faster, and simplify their lives.